all about the owner

mark still

Nick name:



Commercial DJ

on my i-pod:

Calvin Harris

favorite event:



Land Conservation


Personal Motto:

“If I tell you a puppy can move a freight-train, just hook him up!”

    Mark started his entertainment career early in life as the son of classical musicians attaining acclaim at the state and regional level in voice and woodwind instruments.  A strong involvement in local semi-pro theater  led him to studies with Larry Silverberg in the Misner approach to acting in New York City but, it wasn’t until he discovered his love for sound engineering in college that he became a commercial DJ.  After graduating with a degree in Broadcast Communications he honed his skill in the Philadelphia area.  Moving to New York to spin in the clubs of Manhattan and the apre-ski scene of the Adirondacks’ he developed his smooth eclectic style.  With the recent advent of digital media, Mark draws on his broadcast background to mix both music and video in real time.  Combining his love of music, stage and video he continues to provide the best in professional production services for small to mid-sized events.